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24option Review

24option-logoOwned and operated by Rodeler Limited, 24Option is a CySEC licensed binary options broker. This company has obtained the recognition from EU-wide Markets which lets them operated in the European market as a regulated broker. They are open to all the traders from across the world expect US or Cyprus based traders.

With a huge investment in Education Center, 24Option has tried to provide every possible opportunity to empower the traders. All kinds of trading guides, eBooks and video tutorials have been offered for the traders in the education centre. This can equally offer help to both inexperienced and experienced traders.

Key Features & the Trading Platform

Tried and tested trading platforms are utilized by 24Option. No downloads and installations are needed to use this powerful platform. Incredibly attractive features are offered by 24Option to its traders. The platform is supported in 17 major languages. The boundary options, One Touch and High/Low options can be utilized even by the mobile traders. The asset list offered is extensive and includes Currency Pairs, Forex, Commodities and Indices.

Payouts & Trading Accounts

The profit on each trade placed by a trader is the key selling features this binary options broker. The potential payout on the trade varies from 70% to 89%. High yield options are offered to traders who are looking for higher payouts. A free demo account is offered for testing of platform and services to all the traders registered on 24Option.

Banking Options

A multitude of banking options are offered by 24Option coupled with easy interface and high level of security.


The funds can be deposited in the account via three means: Debit/Credit Cards, Wire Transfer and Electronic Payments. Electronic payments can be made by via Neteller, Skrill and a lot of other options. The funding type is entirely dependent on the minimum deposit made. Once a currency has been chosen, it can’t be changed.



The trading account needs to be verified when the registration is done. The documents need to be forwarded to the support team for verification. The proof of address and an official ID needs to be submitted to 24Option. A withdrawal limit hasn’t been set by 24Option. A plethora of free withdrawal options have been made available to the traders depending on the kind of account.


24Option attributes it success to its extensive list of services and quality support team. Efficient and quick supports services are offered to the traders. Extensive support services are offered in 17 major languages by this market leader via email, toll free number and live chat. A wide range of issues are resolved in no time by the efficient live chat team of 24Option.

Why Trade at 24option?

A fantastic trading experience is offered by 24Option to all its traders. This has been made possible by its highly advanced trading platform and mobile apps offering advanced functionality on various devices. Help is offered to traders at any time by the highly capable support team. The regular promotions offered by 24Option are like a boon to the traders. New traders can utilize the opportunities presented to them as most of the promotions are geared towards them. With all the bonuses and offers, it is amazing to be presented with added trading revenue. To ensure that one is getting the best value out of the investment made, it is advised to get in touch with the support team where help is offered by trading experts.


Trading with 24Option is not a bad deal. They are regulated and well established. They are committed to advance their benefits and customer service options to become a leader in the market of binary options trading.


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How to trade with Binary Options Robot

How to trade with Binary Options Robot

In this day and age of modern technology everything is either automated, computer driven or robot operated.

Prior to getting to know about the binary options robot it would be pertinent to have a fair idea of binary options trading.

Binary, in computer jargon means, two possible number values. That is either 1 or 0 or it could be termed as ‘High’ or ‘Low’.  Therefore, in financial terms, a Binary Option is meant by the possibility of two available options, be it a gain or a loss or otherwise stated as “Cash or Nothing” or “Asset or Nothing”. They are also called “Fixed Return Options (FROs)”.

How are Binary Options Traded; simply by staking your funds in commodities, currency or stock markets. For example, an individual may purchase of stocks of a certain company at $50, agreeing to a payoff of $100 at the end of the term, which is called the maturity date. If the stocks trade below the purchase amount of $50, the purchaser gets nothing in return; as such it is a loss to him.

br1However, if in the event the stocks trade above par, he would get the initially agreed amount of $100. Had the stock prices not varied, then the purchaser will get the value invested; in this case the $50. The risk of trading in binary options is immense to the purchaser, but at the same time the gain could be enormous.

The maturity date or the Expiry date, as it is called, of a binary contract, can vary from seconds to months or even a year. A trader should have studied the trends before making a decision on the duration, to minimize on the risk and maximize on the investment.

Generally binary trading is carried out according to the regulations of the U.S. Securities Commission and the Commodity Future Trading Commission. However, having identified the business potential there are many players in the market offering their services as Fund Managers/Advisors, through the web.

As mentioned at the onset of this article, technology has advance in leaps and bound and thus the evolution of the binary options robots have come into being.  It has taken the place of the Fund Manager, Financial Advisor/Consultant in buying binary options. It can maximize ones return on investments, to a greater degree.

The binary options robot is a software developed that can be programmed to trade on your behalf. It is quite user-friendly and operated by algorithm. It comes in two versions – the free version and the Pro version.

br2The general features of the binary options robot are that they are fully automated trading systems, analyzing the trends and movements in the market and thereby give indicators to Call or Put – In Binary trading to “Call” is to buy stocks at predetermined prices.  In this case the seller too has to sell at the price determined by the buyer. On the other hand, to “Put” is where the seller sells at a strike rate (predetermined) and the buyer needs to buy at that rate.

The attractiveness of the software is that you need not be a computer genius to operate it and it works even when offline, while also having the option of live customer chats.

Only a few personal details are required, with instructions on the maximum number of transactions one requires it to carry out, the maximum risk and the level of loss willing to be taken.

There are many suppliers of binary option robots in the market. Binary Options Robot, Binary Hedge Fund, Algobit, CopyToWin, InvestoCopy are some among many, in and out of the US, offering over 80% winning ratio.

For an investor, going for a binary option robot to handle his/her investments, to maximize on profits and minimize on risk while away at work, would be the most intelligent thing to do.

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Trading Stocks

Trading Stocks

A stock exchange is a highly organized market where securities are purchased and sold. Dealings in securities are made in a systematic manner for investment and speculation. Securities refer to the shares, debentures, and government bonds. The board of directors consisting of managers who may be brokers, floor traders and specialists manages the stock exchange. A stock exchange provides a ready and regular market where investors can easily buy and sell securities. It provides a common meeting place where people can convert their money into securities and securities into money. Buying and selling of securities is confined to one particular place and the investors are saved from the trouble of going to different places to buy or sell securities. The stock exchange offers many services to the community, cooperate sector and the investors.

Purpose of Trading Stocks

001The sole purpose of a stock market is to enable the exchange and trade of different types of securities between sellers and buyers. This trading reduces the element of risk, which is involved in investing. Purchasing shares and selling them in a stock market is a lot easier. There are two primary types of market in the stock exchange. One is the primary market which issues the original shares and securities to the traders. And the other market is the secondary market where the traders deal in the already issued stocks and securities. But before trading in the stock market one should have adequate knowledge of the market. The knowledge of the market will let your earn more and effectively. Stock markets are a great way to earn a high profit by selling commodities in a shorter span of time.

Hiring Brokers from Stock Market

There are many ways you can trade the stock. The first step in trading the stocks and securities is to get a broker in the stock market. As many people cannot find out time from their daily routine to visit the stock market and observe the tendency of the market. So you need to find a broker who has an adequate knowledge of the stock market. Hiring a broker in the stock market will help you in saving your time and doing the right kind of trade for you. As the world has gone online, so it is essential that you have a website service to trade your stocks. If you are unable to find a broker, then taking the aid of a website will help you in earning more profit through your shares and securities. You can read a professional review of 24option to get started. Brokers help their clients in selling their commodities at the right time.

Checking Tendency of the Trading Market

002To check the tendency of the market and the selling, your stock and securities is the optimal method of stock trading. A tendency of the market is said to be the trend that is dwelling in the market. The inclination and behavior of the market towards price movement of stocks and commodities is termed as the tendency of the Market. It is essential to sell your stock at the right price to get a higher profit from your stocks. The stop market orders are the points when the prices of certain commodities are at a high price and there is a greater margin of profitability if you sell your commodities at stop market orders. This technique is often used by the traders and brokers in the trading market to minimize the chance of loss.

Bears and Bulls of Trade Market

The trailing stops in the market are mainly used by the buyers in the market. When the price of a certain commodity falls down, the buyers purchase that commodity and wait until the prices creep high in the market for that particular commodity. Through the difference of the buying and selling price of the commodity, the brokers earn a profit. The traders which look for the decline in price are termed as the bulls of the market. They purchase stock and commodities at a low price and sell them when the prices are high in the market. On the other hand, there is a second kind of traders who buy the commodities at higher prices and sell them when the prices are low. A bear is often considered as an optimist and a bearish trader is considered as a pessimist in the stock exchange.

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Do You Need Binary Options Signals to Trade Profitably

The principle of trading binary options is a very easy one. You make trade by predicting an asset’s price movement. You purchase a contract based on your believe on the price of an asset. If the price of the asset will increase, reduce or get to a particular level, would not exceed a particular price range or would exceed the particular price range. The major advantage of trading binary options is that you know exactly what you are going to lose if your prediction was wrong before you even trade.

002They also know how the exact of amount of profit they stand to gain in the event that the price movement tallies with their prediction. Signals are hints which a trader could study to make more accurate predictions. They therefore help binary options traders who use them to have a higher rate of success compared to those who do not use them.

In basic terms, signals for binary options are recommendations which are made on an analysis that is computerized which involves a particular algorithm which help in the monitoring of the binary options market carefully. After the algorithm is through with the analysis, it sends an automatic suggested trade message to the binary options trader who could decide to use or not use the suggestion. A lot of traders, even experienced traders sometimes use the signals to improve their trading result and to save time.

This is because the signals received from the market can save a trader saving many hours of studying the binary options market and attempting to understand all the outcomes and movements. New traders can also employ binary options signals to be able to study how the binary options market works and how the trades are made and chosen.

Binary options signals are not 100 per cent accurate. Their accuracy is highly dependent on the company that generates the signal. While many signals companies use computers to generate signals, some other companies employ many analysts who study all the different indicators.

Selecting a binary options signals company can be confusing as there are a lot of providers that are credible. What you should know however, is that the accuracy of a binary options signal is not dependent on how much the company providing it is asking for. You should therefore not use price as a factor in determining a binary options signals provider. You should also be wary of providers who claim that their signals are over 90 per cent accurate.

The factors that should influence your choice as regards choosing a binary options signals provider is that they should have a good reputation, a good track record as well as what other binary options traders say of them. You should also read up different unbiased reviews on the various binary options signals providers before choosing any of them. You could also visit discussion boards and forums as you would be able to get views from different anonymous people.

This is because any false information by a provider’s agent would be quickly countered on the forum as there are a lot of traders who have made mistakes or have been scammed and would not 001want others to pass through the same misfortune.

In conclusion, you don’t have to necessary subscribed to a signals provider to make profit while trading. Subscribing to a signal provider would however, save you time and effort in making your own analysis and research yourself. You have the final choice to follow the signals sent to you or not to. Since all the signals would not be accurate, it is advisable that continue to do your own research as well so that it would be easier to select which signals to follow and which not to follow.

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Online Stocks Trading With Binary Options

binaire-opties-handelenTrading Binary Options is not that difficult, and especially today, when most people have their own computers and internet. However, many of those who are new to this think that it looks very hard. However, all thy need is some education and training, and everything will be pretty clear to them in no time. All they need is a guide, and they’ll see that trading Binary Options online is a piece of cake; a guide suck as this one, that will show you how to start with this business.

However, all the traders out there first need to understand what Binary Options trading really is. Well, the title itself consists of two words, binary and options. The work Option signifies that this is some kind of a financial contract that gives you, as a buyer, the chance to buy and sell stocks at a price that has been already set. Still, you must remember that you are being given a chance, and not an obligation. And the other word is Binary, which signifies that there are only two outcomes to your trading, and both of them have already been described to you in the contract that you’ve received.

Now that we’ve gotten the definition out of the way, let’s see how to trade stocks with Binary Options. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps, and you should be just fine.

Online-Share-TradingFirst of all, you need to understand the proper terminology, because without that, you will not know exactly what you’ve gotten yourself involved in. Without the knowledge of the proper terminology, you won’t know what’s happening around you, since everyone will be uttering words you don’t understand. So, when you’ve learned the terminology, you’ll be able to know exactly what you’ve bought, what the people around you are talking about, and no one will be able to cross you. And without knowing the proper terminology, the reverse might happen to you.

Next, you need to look into the underlying assets; and these are important because they could determine if your contract could expire any time soon, or if you could run out of the money. Of course, you first need to know the proper terminology, and if you still do not, there is a big chance that this second step means nothing to you. In that case, return to step 1, and learn all the terminology!

Now that you know the terminology and all the underlying assets, you can decide if the price of the Option is too low or too high. When you figure that out, you can act and buy it, or just pass on it. If the price is low, try to buy it, and when the price gets high, try to sell it. And that’s what it’s all about – buy low, sell high.

And finally, you must monitor the Options once you’ve bought them. And you can do this at home today, since you can get online and just watch it. Only when the price seems acceptable to you, you should sell it.

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Trading stocks with binary options online

Trading stocks with binary options online

Why you should trade binary stock options?

Well, trading binary options offers an efficient and dynamic means of performing a financial strategy. So, the nature of binary options is that traders can select from assets between a diversity of industries and markets while taking a view on if the direction of a price will fall or rise when it expires.

In binary options trading online, traders can choose between wide ranges of assets. Binary stock options are the one of the most popular assets to choose trading with. You get access to a large variety of stocks across the global markets by choosing to trade with these options. But you should look out for binary options scam, there are a lot of websites that look legit but have malicious intentions.

Also, these binary stock options are offered across a large range of industries, including telecommunications, technology and financial services. Some technology firms contain the likes of Apple, Dell and Google while telecommunications enlarges across borders including Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Qualcomm. These international stocks offer an opportunity for traders, who are looking to profit from short-term movements in price of the stock. Before you start trading you should check out US finacial regulation commission, there you may find a lot of useful information about trading!

There are many advantages to trading with binary stock options when you are trading binary options.

  1. Access to information

In spite of their skill level that they have, traders can with no trouble use the information about stocks, in the financial news. So, this access to information helps a trader to decide the direction the price of the stock will move, together with understanding of how price movements are tracking over time on the exacting stock. In turn, this can allow them to make better forecasts compared to other asset classes that may not be so widely publicized in the financial news.binary-options-strategy

  1. Ease

The price of a stock is naturally easier to follow than other asset classes and that is a big advantage to trading with stocks. On a daily basis, there is a wealth of information about stocks online, in financial reports, in the financial press, and from many other sources. Traders are likely to be in a better position to increase an educated understanding of how quickly a price may move in response to a piece of news by having higher levels of access to information.

  1. Linked to industry

Stocks are greatly linked to the performance of an general industry and that is another big advantage to trading with binary stock options. Since most companies provide services or products for defined sectors or industries, information in the public area on that industry could also result in a movement in price in that particular stock. Although it is not a hard and fast rule still it can help the trader to make knowledgeable predictions on how the stock price may move over the short-term.

So, trading binary options provides a multiplicity of benefits for traders all around the world. Traders can take benefit of some of the profit this asset class has to present, by utilizing stocks as an asset class in executing a binary options strategy.


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Pairs Trading- Introduction

Pairs Trading- Introduction

Statistical Arbitrage which is also referred to as pairs trading is a stock exchanging method that endeavors to be market unbiased and catch the spread between two connected stocks as they return to the average cost. It is called statistical arbitrage; however pairs trading is the more regular name used to allude to this system. Just expressed, it is the purchasing and synchronous offering of two stocks that take after one another when they wander from the ordinary example; in the desire that the typical example will soon continue. As such, traders discover two stocks that have a tendency to move together. This trader would purchase Stock 1. and put on sale Stock 2. This kind of trading stocks is additionally finished with options, prospects, and bushel of stocks however that is grain for later articles. The article will show pairs trading fundamentals by revealing to you a straightforward 4-stage system for pairs trading on stocks.

 Here is the basic four stage technique to begin in pair exchanging.

 First step: Pick the Pairs Trading Stock

 It may seem like the most troublesome piece of the procedure, however its really very straightforward in its most crude structure. There are various convoluted routines for picking the pair of stocks, however it all comes down to discovering two stocks that are associated in development. Begin by searching for stocks that bode well to be comparative.

 Second step: By Using Charts Confirm Visually Correlation


Eyeballing value graphs is an exceptionally fundamental approach to focus connection of pairs. Take a gander at stock diagrams you think ought to be corresponded to discover a few that genuinely move together. There are numerous more unpredictable approaches to do this, yet along these lines is the most basic.

 Third Step: Make a Chart for Price Ratio

 That is an alternate muddled sounding, in any case basic, method. Most outlining stages could perform this for you consequently. A diagram for Price Ratio is a diagram of which represents both stocks lined together. This is figured by isolating one stock cost at another. Those are typically line outlines and measure exception from the average or normal spread along stock in pairs, two stocks in one pair.

 Fourth step: Purchase One Stock. Put on Sale One Stock

Buy And Sell Keys Representing Business Trade Or Stocks Online

At the point when the value degree line displace to its first or second exception from the average now is the right time to enter the exchange. You need to go long the slacking share and quickly the over one who performs.Your benefit is anyplace in the spread as it returns to the average. The moment you begin, match a dollar esteem in every stock and not impart number, this keeps things level with in the moves. Numerous approaches can be used to size the exchanges, this is simply the most simple strategy.

 This is the most straightforward structure of pair trading. It’s not a nitwit verification technique. Dealers can and do lose cash. Nevertheless, pairs trading is a demonstrated system for steady benefits. Above all, recall to use stops when trading with stock by pair trading. It is conceivable that both sides can lose, so know the amount you could lose before carry out the first pairs trade.

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